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If you want to buy and sell property in Canada Matrix Mortgage has made it effortless for you. We provide feasible options for our valued customers. We have also provided thousands of our customers with attractive buying and selling options that include the affordability feature as well.

A perfect scenario will be you put your house for sale in the market and sell it; after that, you spend your time finding the ideal home while your buyers wait patiently until you prepare for the move. However, we do not live by this rule because, in most cases, you will see yourself stuck in a complex chain, and these can cause significant headaches. So if you are planning to buy and sell the property at the same time, make sure you are fully prepared for it.

Where to begin your property search in Canada?

Deciding on the location and the type of property you would like to buy should be the first consideration. Also, keep in mind the different climates across Canada when deciding where to buy your next property.

Moreover, when it comes to the buying of the property, it includes a variety of choices like detached homes, attached townhouses or apartments. There is a wide choice available so you can narrow down your search on the aspects of a number of bedrooms, baths and amenities you require.

The best way to find the ideal property is to start searching online to get an idea of the available properties. You can also find advertisements in the local newspapers that have real estate sections, but they are comprehensive as compared to the online. 

Decide on your finances

The next thing you need to do is to calculate the budget you have that you can afford to spend on your next property. There are several things that you need to consider. Firstly, you should pay the deposit on the same day as the contract exchanges for the property you want to buy. So, therefore, you will be able to use the deposit on the property you are buying.

However, in another scenario, if your new house is more expensive than it also means that the deposit you will require will be more. In that case, your solicitor can deal with the seller that the minimum deposit will be enough. If that is not possible, then you need to find the extra cash, so it is best that you check your finance to avoid such a situation.

Secondly, you should also keep in mind the extra costs that will incur, such as stamp duty. If you are still unsure about the expenses, then our real estate agents are available to guide you in this regard. We also provide solutions that they need to improve their financial situation. 

So if you have worked on your finances and are prepared to begin the buying and selling process, then you will require a professional real estate agent to help you in this regard. Our estate agents will help you in the entire process of property dealing.