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At Matrix Mortgage , we realize that getting the mortgage approved Canada is complex. The entire process that is involved in home buying can be intimidating. You can even have a lot of questions about mortgages and real estate. It would be nice and give peace of mind when you have a professional by your side to walk you through every step of the way.

What is a house mortgage? It is basically a simple loan that is secured by a mortgage on acquiring a home. In Canada, it is the most common way used by people to buy and own a home. Since 2008 we have served thousands of individuals in getting a home with mortgage financing, so we will be happy to help you as well. When you are buying a house with a mortgage, the essential step involved in this regard is getting pre-approved for financing. When you get your mortgage pre-approval, it will determine how much you can easily afford to borrow as well as purchase.

Also, it is necessary to get your pre-approval interest rate lock in for 120 days because if the rates go up, you will get to keep the rate that you get pre-approved for. If the rate goes down during your lock-in period, then your rate will also drop to match the decrease.

Bad Credit Mortgages from Canada’s Mortgage Company

Do you have bad credit and need a mortgage? Matrix Mortgage can help you in this regard. It is understandable that everyone does not have a good credit score. Having poor credit can have many reasons, and it is not necessary that all of them are related to poor money management. Many individuals face life events that have serious financial repercussions. The factors like the loss of employment, sudden illness, problems in keeping up with the bills etc. can hurt your credit score.

We are in this field for many years, so we understand the issues that you could face when you are trying to get your mortgage approved with bad credit. Bad credit scores are usually personal, and the way banks and other lending companies perceive your credit score and history can vary.

Bad credit mortgage:

The factors that lead to bad credit mortgages can vary. But with the loan value, property, and your unique situation can help you secure a mortgage. However, our unique approach makes us the leader in the industry. When you apply for your mortgage with us, your mortgage is approved on the basis of the equity of your home and not on the current credit rating. 

At Matrix Mortgage , we take tremendous pride in assisting our homeowners in all types of situations that include individuals with bad credit ratings and financial needs. We have helped several customers in a variety of financial situations with their mortgage issues. Also, we apprehend how difficult it is to get a mortgage with poor credit, low income and other financial issues. We have over 10 years of experience and looking forward to helping you.