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If you are an owner of the property and are residing in it for several years, then it is probable that it has equity. Moreover, if your home value has increased over the years, then definitely it has a lot of equity. When your home has equity, you can use it to pay off credit card loans with equity Canada. 

Moreover, when you use your home equity loan line of credit to improve your credit card score, it also works in the same way as the unsecured consolidation loan works.

1. It is used to pay off high-interest credit cards

2. Your focus will be towards paying off one single loan, instead of multiple cards

3. You save on interest

4. Get out of debt quickly

Benefits of Using Home Equity to Pay off Credit Card Loans

1) The interest rates of this are usually lower than other types of loans

2) Payment plans associated with it are usually flexible and can also be customized to meet your needs

3) You free yourself from keeping track of all your different credit card payments

How to Pay off Credit Card Loan with Home Equity?

1. Calculate your total debt

Normally individuals who want to pay off their credit card loans with their home equity have more than one kind of debt. However, high-interest credit card debt is the most usual type of debt individuals generally tend to pay off. Firstly, you need to calculate the total amount of debt you have got. It should include everything like car loans, student loans, credit card debt and much more. You also need to take note of the interest rates you are paying, as it’s essential to identify if your debts have lower interest rates than a home equity loan has.

2. Identify How Much Equity You Currently Have

For this purpose, you can consult with your mortgage statement and see how much mortgage you have left to pay and check how much your home was valued for. With this, you can easily calculate the equity you have for your home.

Also, you need to keep this in mind that when you go to your lender for the home equity loan, they will likely to reappraise your home to find out its value.

3. What Alternatives are best for you?

For this purpose, there are various ways that you can decide upon for your home equity:

  1. Home equity line of credit
  2. Home equity loan
  3. Second mortgage

All of these alternatives will enable you to pay off your credit card loan, so choose the one that best fits your needs and budget.

4. Pay Back Your Loan

When you get approval for your home equity loan, then you can use it to pay off all your loans. Also, it is best that you do not accumulate even more debt due to the fact whilst you could not have any more credit card debt as you now have two mortgages.

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